same-sex person

A homosexual.
Example Citations:
The Massachusetts amendment would extend to gay and lesbian couples who enter civil unions "entirely the same benefits, rights, privileges and obligations as are afforded to married persons." In a hastily added clarification, it also stipulates that "under present federal law, same-sex persons in civil unions will be denied federal benefits available to married persons."
— Elizabeth Mehren, "Massachusetts Legislature Moves to Bar Gay Marriages," Los Angeles Times, March 30, 2004
Daniel Bray, an Iowa City lawyer and chairman of the Family Law Section of the Iowa State Bar Association, said the law is clear: "At this stage, marriage can only exist between a man and woman in Iowa. A divorce can be entered only when there is a valid marriage. Iowa doesn't give full faith and credit to a union of same-sex persons performed in another state.
— Frank Santiago, "Iowa judge OKs lesbian divorce," Des Moines Register, December 12, 2003
Earliest Citation:
United Methodist leaders weighed whether to drop the church's condemnation of homosexuality, as a caucus on gay concerns said today that homosexuals in the church are treated as second-class members.
In its 1992 platform, Affirmation said present present church policies cripple its ministry by a "lack of hospitality to same-sex persons." The organization said homosexuals are treated as "a second class of church members."
— George W. Cornell, "Gay Caucus Criticizes Church Stand on Homosexuality," The Associated Press, May 7, 1992
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